Is CBD the right choice for me?

At Marlboro Drug Company, we know that our patients trust us. So, shouldn't we trust the CBD company that we recommend?

All CBD is not the same, and many CBD companies and products may not be what they seem. According to a JAMA study from November 2017, a test of 84 CBD products from 31 different companies showed 69.7% of products were NOT what the company claimed. From THC levels to CBD content. Product labeling was inconsistent with actual ingredients was the study conclusion. This is why we are proud to carry Ananda Hemp CBD products. Each product batch has a pedigree traced from seed to final product.

Stop by Marlboro Drug Company today and chat with our friendly staff about our selection of Ananda Hemp CBD products!

What should I consider before using CBD products?

Before recommending any CBD products, these are the questions we ask our patients:

Do you have any allergies? What are they?
What are your current health conditions?
Do you smoke?
How much alcohol do you consume in an average week, if any?
Have you tried CBD before? If so, how much and in what form?
What health issues are you currently experiencing that you hope CBD will help improve or alleviate?

A zoomed in picture of an eye drop dispensing golden colored CBD oil into a glass bottle.
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