Ginger Lemon Chew 4oz


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SWEET & SPICY. Prince of Peace Ginger Chews with Lemon are an easy and tasty way for you to enjoy ginger infused with lemon on the go.
REAL GINGER. Each individually wrapped Ginger Chew with Lemon is made with 100% real ginger to support digestive health and comfort the stomach with a burst of citrus flavor.
WHY GINGER. For centuries, ginger has been used to add flavor to food and to provide a natural health boost.
15 CALORIES. This naturally-flavored Ginger Chews with Lemon are only 15 calories and made without artificial flavors, additives, or colors.
NATURAL HEALTH BOOTH. Ginger contains numerous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds beneficial to health such as gingerols and is known for comforting the stomach, helping with nausea, warming the body’s senses, supporting circulation, and more.

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